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FEMPOWER: How to Get Paid What You Are Worth, Part 1

When I began writing this blog, it was entitled, “How to Get Paid What You Deserve.”

However, in the many, many years of counseling women to achieve their dreams, I discovered that women (and men) always get paid what they think (albiet subconsciously) they deserve.  So our new goal is to be paid what you are actually worth–which almost invariably is significantly more that you are paid now.

Getting paid what you are worth begins on the inside, by asking yourself a few questions and allowing the answers to come to you from your subconscious.  Try not to be too judgmental.  Your brain is trying to let you know what is really going on inside.

Here are some sample questions to ask:

  • How much is my work worth?
  • Can I do the job above mine?  Above that one?
  • How is my work beneficial/profitable to the                                                     company/supervisor/owner?

Now here is a powerful tip for you when answering these questions to yourself:  If you’ve heard yourself say or think this answer before, ask again and get a different answer.  You want to think of yourself in new ways to create a new sense of worth.

American, Karen Uhlenbeck, won the 2019 Abel Prize in Mathematics, the first woman to do so.  This prize has been called, “The Nobel Prize in Math.”  In one of her many interviews, she said something that really stuck with me.  I’m paraphrasing here:  “I find nothing as boring as thinking about a problem I’ve already solved.”

The lesson I took from that–and hope you will as well–is let’s stop thinking thoughts we have already thought.  Let’s start thinking new thoughts.  So as you answer the above questions, listen for new thoughts.

It is also imperative that you keep all of this to yourself.  The reasoning behind this was made clear to me many years ago during an exchange with my late husband (he was alive at the time!).

Walter was a columnist for the Seattle Times, writing 6 columns a week–a pretty lofty accomplishment.  He would often need to create the columns in his head, then write them.  Once, early in our relationship, I asked him what he was going to write about that day.  He very seriously explained to me that he couldn’t discuss it with me.  “If I talk it out, I will lose it.  Talking dissipates energy.”  Please remember those words.  Keep your plans inside until you are ready to present them, fully developed, to the world.

As a therapist, I’ve also discovered that talking often gives you the illusion that you are accomplishing something.  Behavior is the only thing that counts, not conversation.

So back to those questions you asked yourself:  Write down the new answers you receive from your subconscious.  Expand on them consciously.  Spend some time with those answers.  Remember, you are doing this to make more money, so it’s like a job right now.  You will be rewarded for your efforts.

One more tool before we close for now.  Before you go to sleep each night, imagine your bank account with the amount of money you are worth in there.  The most powerful time for your brain to receive instructions from you is right before you go to sleep.  So stop thinking about all the things that are wrong (stop programming negativity) and start creating the life you want.

More tools to come soon to help you get the money you are worth.



What Mindful Meditation Attendees Say about Katie

Katie Evans                                                                                                        Entrepreneur, Author, Keynote Speaker

Comments from attendees to the Mindful Meditation Class (over 200 attendees) at the University of Washington POD Retreat,               April, 2017:

  • Best meditation class I ever took. Thank you!
  • Extremely effective, left me with new tools for inner peace, relaxation, and stress management.
  • Great tools to improve in all areas of life for all-around better well-being
  • I’ve always wanted to try meditation so this was a good way to spend my after lunch. Katie was funny and so great to listen to—sooooooo relaxing!
  • Katie’s so good. First [time] I have been hypnotized—great!
  • Loved this session. Hope she will be back next year!
  • Relaxing and comforting. Katie was amazing.
  • Strong tools that I look forward to applying to my life. Very thankful and enjoyable.
  • Useful and relaxing. Techniques I will use for a lifetime.
  • Would recommend this for everyone to take.


Katie Evans                                                                                                                               Keynote Speaker
CEO Living Lite Wellness Centers, Inc.                                                                                                         5801 196th St. SW Suite 315                                                                               Lynnwood, WA  98036


About Katie Evans

For over 30 years, Katie has been a keynote speaker and seminar leader for many corporations, organizations and professional associations at the state, regional and national level.
She specializes in Women in Leadership.  Research shows that too often women don’t speak up and “toot their own horn.”  Culturally they have been taught that “good girls” behave in certain ways that are detrimental to becoming great leaders.  Katie shows women how to be a bit more assertive (for the shy women) and a lot more assertive (for those who are more able to be so, just don’t know how), all of which leads to increased productivity, greater employee retention and significantly less bullying in the workplace.
Katie has written for several publications and blogs and has hosted 2 radio shows in the Seattle area.  She has been a  guest on many different television and radio shows, speaking about habit change, “What NOT to buy a woman for Christmas” and stress reduction. She was been interviewed many times on grief and loss as well.
In 1987, Katie created The Living Lite Wellness Centers, Inc.  At Living Lite, they help people lose weight in a healthy way, through classes.  These classes are easily adaptable to the Corporate learning structure.
Katie has taken what she learned in decades of helping women “succeed beyond their wildest dreams” and adapted the lessons to women seeking leadership roles within the corporate structure.  Her class, “Creating Women Leaders from the Inside Out” helps women, men and business benefit from the diversity of thinking when women ascend the “corporate ladder.”
In 2012, Katie created the Wellness Fund to help charities raise money through her classes and lectures. See what those who have benefited from Katie’s work have to say.
Katie is a native of Spokane, WA and has lived in Seattle most of her life.
For over twenty years, Katie years, was a popular part-time instructor at South Seattle College, Edmonds College and Everett College.
Katie is the author of “Random Acts to Lighten Up:  Easy Tools for Life” available at
Katie received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from the University of Washington.
Katie is an avid golfer.  She enjoys outdoor activities with her family and dachshund, Heidi.

What attendees say about Katie:

“You have a marvelous way of making a workshop really come to life. Thank you so very much for your presentation yesterday.  You kept us spellbound!”  Katherine M, S.P.
“Every great idea you shared was surpassed by the next great idea. After listening to you, I have been supercharged to implement the strategies that you suggested. You held my attention and left me begging for more! I have implemented some of your great ideas, such as optimizing my web page and SEO and other marketing gems. I am already starting to see great results!” Marc D.
“Katie is kind and funny–a great combination!” Shirley B.
“Thank you for having Katie Evans present to us. I laughed and learned so much.” Marilyn C.
“I took 7 strokes off my golf game–Yahoo!” Stan B.
Katie Evans                                                                                                              Keynote Speaker
CEO Living Lite Wellness Centers, Inc.                                                                   5801 196th St. SW                                                                                Lynnwood, WA  98036