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Corporate Training: The ERA is coming; Is Your Company Ready?

Corporate Training: The ERA is Coming; Is Your Company Ready?

The Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution needs ratification from just one more state to become the Law of the Land.
It is expected that ratification will happen in 2018.

Here is the entirety of the Amendment:

The Equal Rights Amendment

Section 1. Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.

Section 2. The Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.

Section 3. This amendment shall take effect two years after the date of ratification.

So what does this Amendment mean to your business/company? 

  1.  You may need to have an equal number of men and women in each position, especially upper management positions.
  2. You must be paying your employees the same wage for the same work/position.
  3. If you have any ties to the federal or state or local governments, these laws will affect your company first.
Is your company ready–or getting ready?  You can bet lawyers are!
Here is a partial list of what your company must have in place within the next 2 years:
  1.  Qualified women in leadership positions.
  2. Proof of pay parity.
  3. Elimination of harassment in the workplace.

And that’s just a beginning.  More will be added as lawsuits are filed.

Want to avoid those fines and judgments?  Want to get a jump on the inevitable?

That’s exactly what Katie Evans will help your company do.

The Class:  Creating Women Leaders from the Inside Out will help your female employees prepare themselves to fill positions of leadership and help take your company into the future responsibly with added value to your company.

How your company will benefit from Katie’s Training Class:
  1.  Avoid fines, penalties and judgments.
  2. Create a more diverse workplace, which usually results in better outcomes on every level.
  3. Reduce employee turnover.
  4. Enhance employee loyalty.
  5. Reduce absenteeism.
  6. Lessen workplace stress and conflict.
This training class may be in one day or over several days, in smaller time slots, depending on the needs of your company.

Katie Evans is an entrepreneur and has been an Equal Rights Advocate for over 40 years.  She has hired hundreds of people in those years and has always stayed abreast of employment legislation.  She has spent the last 30+ years helping women achieve their goals and has a unique perspective on how to help women and their employers succeed together.

For more information, please contact Katie:
Cell and text:  206-841-4876



About Katie Evans

For over 30 years, Katie has been a keynote speaker and seminar leader for many corporations, organizations and professional associations at the state, regional and national level.
She specializes in Women in Leadership.  Research shows that too often women don’t speak up and “toot their own horn.”  Culturally they have been taught that “good girls” behave in certain ways that are detrimental to becoming great leaders.  Katie shows women how to be a bit more assertive (for the shy women) and a lot more assertive (for those who are more able to be so, just don’t know how), all of which leads to increased productivity, greater employee retention and significantly less bullying in the workplace.
Katie has written for several publications and blogs and has hosted 2 radio shows in the Seattle area.  She has been a  guest on many different television and radio shows, speaking about habit change, “What NOT to buy a woman for Christmas” and stress reduction. She was been interviewed many times on grief and loss as well.
In 1987, Katie created The Living Lite Wellness Centers, Inc.  At Living Lite, they help people lose weight in a healthy way, through classes.  These classes are easily adaptable to the Corporate learning structure.
Katie has taken what she learned in decades of helping women “succeed beyond their wildest dreams” and adapted the lessons to women seeking leadership roles within the corporate structure.  Her class, “Creating Women Leaders from the Inside Out” helps women, men and business benefit from the diversity of thinking when women ascend the “corporate ladder.”
In 2012, Katie created the Wellness Fund to help charities raise money through her classes and lectures. See what those who have benefited from Katie’s work have to say.
Katie is a native of Spokane, WA and has lived in Seattle most of her life.
For over twenty years, Katie years, was a popular part-time instructor at South Seattle College, Edmonds College and Everett College.
Katie is the author of “Random Acts to Lighten Up:  Easy Tools for Life” available at
Katie received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from the University of Washington.
Katie is an avid golfer.  She enjoys outdoor activities with her family and dachshund, Heidi.

What attendees say about Katie:

“You have a marvelous way of making a workshop really come to life. Thank you so very much for your presentation yesterday.  You kept us spellbound!”  Katherine M, S.P.
“Every great idea you shared was surpassed by the next great idea. After listening to you, I have been supercharged to implement the strategies that you suggested. You held my attention and left me begging for more! I have implemented some of your great ideas, such as optimizing my web page and SEO and other marketing gems. I am already starting to see great results!” Marc D.
“Katie is kind and funny–a great combination!” Shirley B.
“Thank you for having Katie Evans present to us. I laughed and learned so much.” Marilyn C.
“I took 7 strokes off my golf game–Yahoo!” Stan B.
Katie Evans                                                                                                              Keynote Speaker
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