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 Backwards and in High Heels

Notice where your eyes naturally go.  To Fred Astaire’s feet?  That’s because it was designed that way.  He has black and WHITE shoes.  They draw your eye there.  Ginger Rogers has plain black shoes.  Easy to ignore.  Here is our new rallying cry:  “NO MORE PLAIN BLACK  SHOES.” You were made to shine and stand out.  Let’s go!
Women have innate skills that make us great negotiators, natural leaders and resilient.   Isn’t it time we use these skills to take over?
Join International speaker and humorist, Katie Evans, to learn to step into your power and claim your spot as Leader of the Pack.
Katie has been a student of Albert Einstein since she was a teen.  She has culled Success Tools for Women from his work and will share what she has learned with your audience.  They will leave this presentation uplifted, empowered, relaxed and ready to move mountains!
This topic covers women’s leadership,  process improvement, resilience and  entrepreneurship, employee retention, reduction of training costs and a much happier workplace.

Breakout Sessions

Creating Women Leaders from the Inside Out
 According to the Centers for Disease Control, (CDC) over 74% of American women have been abused in some way and virtually 100% of their abusers were/are men.  Now we are asking women to challenge men for management positions.  Without the proper preparation, this is doomed to fail leading to decreased employee retention and, worst case, litigation.
Your attendees will walk away from this breakout session with new tools and abilities to shine in the workplace.  In just one session, these women will be able to shed their fears about ascending to higher levels in management and know how to step into their own power, find their voice and be unstoppable.
Founder and COO, Katie Evans, has specialized in teaching health and wellness to women since 1986, bringing new tools, experience and humor to every class.
Mindful Meditation:      
Learning how to relax and stay present helps you be less                  judgmental, improves your mental and physical well-being and        increases worker satisfaction and happiness.  This class may also be presented as a fundraiser.


 Stress Reduction for Women  
Women share unique issues around stress.  We often take on too much, unaware of how toxic and insidious the results of that can be.  In just a short time,  your attendees will learn how simple it is to minimize stress and immediately feel healthier and happier.           “I know I should exercise/meditate/sleep more . . . but I just don’t have the time.”  For those who find themselves saying that more than once a month, this is the session for you.  You will learn to insert self-care into your busy life easily and consistently.

Let Katie Emcee Your Event

When you are putting on your next program, let me help by emceeing your event.  I can work with you to make your event memorable for those attending, recount key learning points, hint at other services you offer, and drive for an  increase in sales from the event if applicable.
What Katie’s attendees are saying about her presentations:
“BEST SPEAKER – positive attitude, helpful ideas, personal stories. She made it believable and real.”              
Sara J., Clemson University
“Wonderful – wonderful!! She was GREAT!! I got lots of tips. I could have listened another hour!” 
Alexis M., University Washington
“Katie filled in and did a commendable job on short notice. Interesting with good material.”          Mary L., Clemson University




Katie Evans

Keynote Speaker
CEO Katie Evans Speaks, Inc.

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