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What Mindful Meditation Attendees Say about Katie

Katie Evans                                                                                                        Entrepreneur, Author, Keynote Speaker

Comments from attendees to the Mindful Meditation Class (over 200 attendees) at the University of Washington POD Retreat,               April, 2017:

  • Best meditation class I ever took. Thank you!
  • Extremely effective, left me with new tools for inner peace, relaxation, and stress management.
  • Great tools to improve in all areas of life for all-around better well-being
  • I’ve always wanted to try meditation so this was a good way to spend my after lunch. Katie was funny and so great to listen to—sooooooo relaxing!
  • Katie’s so good. First [time] I have been hypnotized—great!
  • Loved this session. Hope she will be back next year!
  • Relaxing and comforting. Katie was amazing.
  • Strong tools that I look forward to applying to my life. Very thankful and enjoyable.
  • Useful and relaxing. Techniques I will use for a lifetime.
  • Would recommend this for everyone to take.


Katie Evans                                                                                                                               Keynote Speaker
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