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Hypnosis Weight Loss Success Stories

On Wed, Aug 30, 2017 at 9:31 AM, Sue   wrote:

Several years ago I attended your class using hypnotism regarding weight loss, as well as other issues, held in Spokane, WA. 
I admit that I was distracted at the event because my husband was in ICU at the local hospital but I got a bunch of your discs, with the intention of using them. 
Well, the best intentions get waylaid and my husband didn’t get better for a very long time, and even then he needed me as a caregiver at home. 
I was a stress eater and I was under a tremendous amount of stress.  I gained 35 pounds in those two+ years, on top of my already overweight body. 
Dave succumbed to his illness a little over a year ago and after some grieving and realignment of my life, I finally got real about my weight.  I dug out my small disc player and set out to lose weight.  
That was one year ago and I am down 110 lbs.  It was hard, even with your recordings but I am not sure I would have kept it up without them. 
I even went back to work at age 65, when most people are retiring.  I am a researcher so it isn’t like I am doing physical labor but sitting at a desk is a great time to munch.  I just don’t need it anymore. 
Thank you very much for the helpful recordings.  Now they help me deal with a boss who has ADHD; brilliant but hard to keep up with. 
Again thank you.  I have enclosed a picture of my old self and a new “skinny” me also

Testimonial from August, 2017

“I attended one of your St Louis classes back in July of 2015, I think.  Just an update to let you know I am still doing fantastic!  I walked into your class at 282 lbs and am now at 154 lbs and just amazed at how wonderful I feel.  I just wanted to say thank you and to tell everyone out there they can do this!”

Listen to these folks, they know what they are talking about!!!.

If I can do this SO CAN YOU!!!!     Mary J.

Katie Evans                                                                                                                  Keynote Speaker
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Let Katie Evans Help You Raise Funds for Your Charity

Fundraising Opportunities

If you know of a nonprofit organization, church or any health related company that needs money (and don’t they all?) please have them contact to find out how Living Lite can help them do just that.

The Living Lite Hypnosis Centers, Inc. was created in 1986, with the goal of providing easy, healthy weight loss using hypnosis and educating people how to eat less, eat healthier, be motivated to exercise and how to feel their feelings instead of eating them.  Over the years, we have helped thousands all across the United States create healthier relationships with food.  Here are some success stories.

In 2015, Living Lite transitioned into primarily a fundraising company.  We partner with nonprofits, churches and health related companies and hold classes in conjunction with those groups to accomplish essentially two goals:  To help their members live healthier and in doing so, raise funds for their entity or a specific cause.

This is a surprisingly simple yet lucrative process through which we guide the beneficiary, step by step.

If you would like more information about how your non profit may profit from a Living Lite class, please email  Let us know a bit about you and your organization.  Remember to include your contact information.  We will draft a proposal for your Board to approve, then move forward.  It’s easy, fun, healthy and a great fund raiser.  Donors often mention that they appreciate getting something more for their donations.

Following is a testimonial from the Administrator at Unity Church of Everett, WA

Tuesday, March 4, 2016

To Whom It May Concern:

I have known about Katie Evans for about eight years from hearing about Living Lite on the radio and from friends who had been through her weight loss program.  I hired her in 2015 to present at Unity of Everett and have since hired her twice more.

Katie has the ability to make complex concepts appear easy and fun to learn.  Audiences enjoy hearing her speak and I always get rave reviews from attendees when she leaves.

Katie kindly offered to teach her “Express Weight Loss Class” to raise funds for Everett Unity Center for Positive Living.  I was quite surprised and pleased at the amount she raised for us.  Katie even tithed more to the church than she was contractually obligated to.  She is professional, joyful and a delight to work with.

I sincerely recommend Katie and her fun and effective weight loss class if you have congregants or members who would like to lose weight and if you would like to raise some funds.

Katie made the who process virtually effortless.


Cindi Pedersen, Administrator
Everett Unity Center for Positive Living
3231 Colby Ave
Everett WA 98201

And here is another great testimonial:

September 19, 2016

We had a wonderful event with Katie Evans, Stephany Faires, and Living Lite Wellness Centers, and look forward to having them back soon.

As someone who is naturally cautious about opening our community to “free presentations” and “too good to be true” offers,  I can attest that Katie and Living Lite offer valuable teaching, tips and tools to help your attendees be healthier and more prosperous, and that does what she says to help your organization raise funds easily.

This past May 2016, we received an email from Living Lite Wellness Centers offering to hold a fundraiser for us at Unity of Mesa.  They would be traveling from Seattle to the greater Phoenix that month to hold fundraisers for various churches and other nonprofits and had an opening in their schedule if we wanted to take advantage of it.

After talking with Katie and researching the company’s history, we said yes and worked out the details quickly.  We just had a few weeks to promote the class, so got right to work.

Stephany Faires presented a Healthy Weight Loss Class with Hypnosis to a group of about 30.  She was funny, engaging and very knowledgeable.   I personally loved the class!  I found the information helpful and was impressed with the 3 hypnosis sessions to address different eating issues.  I appreciated that they did not push products, and that no purchase was necessary, but they did have economical follow-up resources which many (including myself) purchased.  We have received many reports on how well so many attendees are still doing with their weight loss as a result of the class.

The fundraising aspect of the class was also a great success.  As per our agreement, Unity of Mesa kept 50% of ticket sales.  Katie Evans, owner of Living Lite, also donated a $660 package to be raffled and our bookstore donated several items to generate enthusiasm for the raffle.  We kept all the proceeds of the raffle as well.

We have invited Living Lite to return to teach another weight loss class in January 2017 and they agreed.  Katie will also give a Sunday talk to the congregation on Prosperity and do a follow up workshop on that topic as well.

I loved working Katie and Living Lite, and am happy to recommend them to your community.


Rev. Mark Fisk

Unity Church of Mesa, Senior Minister

2700 E Southern Ave., Mesa, AZ 85204

480-891-2700 ofc, 480-892-2664 fax


Katie Evans                                                                                                                  Keynote Speaker
CEO Living Lite Wellness Centers, Inc.                                                                                      5801 196th St. SW Suite 315                                                                               Lynnwood, WA  98036                                                                                             206-841-4876


About Katie Evans

Katie Evans,
Empress, Living Lite Wellness Centers, Inc.

Katie has been a keynote speaker and seminar leader for many organization and professional associations at the state, regional and national level.  She specializes in stress reduction, GRIT and healthy living.

Katie has written for several publications and is the author of a collection of essays on  Katie has hosted 2 radio shows in the Seattle area and has been a  guest on many different television and radio shows, speaking about habit change, “What NOT to buy a woman for Christmas” and stress reduction. She was been interviewed many times on grief and loss          as well.

In 1987, Katie created The Living Lite Wellness Centers, Inc.  At Living Lite, they help people lose weight in a healthy way, through classes.  These classes are easily adaptable to the Corporate learning structure.

In 2012, Katie created the Wellness Fund to help charities raise money through her classes and lectures. See what those who have benefited from Katie’s work have to say.

Katie is a native of Spokane, WA and has lived in Seattle most of her life. 
For over twenty years, Katie years, was a popular part-time instructor at South Seattle College, Edmonds College and Everett College.

Katie is the author of “Random Acts to Lighten Up:  Easy Tools for Life” available at

Katie received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from the University of Washington.

Katie is an avid golfer.  She enjoys outdoor activities with her family and dachshund, Heidi. 

What attendees say about Katie:

“Every great idea you shared was surpassed by the next great idea. After listening to you, I have been supercharged to implement the strategies that you suggested. You held my attention and left me begging for more! I have implemented some of your great ideas, such as optimizing my web page and SEO and other marketing gems. I am already starting to see great results!” Marc D.

“Katie is kind and funny–a great combination!” Shirley B.

“Thank you for having Katie Evans present to us. I laughed and learned so much.” Marilyn C.

“I took 7 strokes off my golf game–Yahoo!” Stan B.



Katie Evans                                                                                                                  Keynote Speaker
CEO Living Lite Wellness Centers, Inc.                                                                                      5801 196th St. SW Suite 315                                                                               Lynnwood, WA  98036                                                                               206-841-4876